Recruitment Services

MACARTHUR JOBS – What do we do?

Macarthur Jobs offers pre-interview, Interview and Assessment and Post-Interview services.

There is no doubt recruiting can be time-consuming and costly to any business – small, medium or large.  Macarthur Jobs can take the stress away, managing the entire recruitment process to save your business time and money.  Our team can develop the initial job description and advertisement; cull initial email applications (sometimes in the hundreds); manage the interview process (both telephone and in-person); assess and select candidates; arrange employment contracts and provide you with an experienced and qualified professional to performance manage your new employee. 


MACARTHUR JOBS – What makes us different?

We work with employers and job seekers alike.  We hear the good and bad from all perspectives.  One of the most common complaints we hear from candidates is that recruitment agencies and/or potential employers do not respond to their applications.  Therefore, post-interview, Macarthur Jobs can manage unsuccessful candidates, linking them back to the services provided by Career Origin.  Career Origin supports individuals in personal career development, delivering services such as professional resume/CV writing, interview coaching, career counselling and development of job search strategies. This means we retain a professional approach toward all involved in the process –from the employer, the employee and all candidates.   We believe in giving everyone a fair go and will ensure everyone feels valued throughout the process.  Why does this impact your business?  Because your company will be using a quality service provider, therefore raising the bar in your recruitment standards.


MACARTHUR JOBS – Our fee structure

our service comes at an affordable price.  We pride ourselves on charging a fee for service, rather than a large percentage fee based on the salary of the position you’re filling.  Percentage fees are often unattainable for many small to medium businesses in the Macarthur area.   Our fee per service means you pay for the level of service you require, regardless of the position you are looking to fill.  You pay the same fee for our services whether you are recruiting for a Receptionist, Team Leader or Manager.  This ensures you are in control of your recruitment budget throughout every step of the process.